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General Mumble - Old: A Collection Of Things That Are Old FLAC

General Mumble - Old: A Collection Of Things That Are Old FLAC
General Mumble
Old: A Collection Of Things That Are Old
Drum n Bass
10 Jul 2014
Mumble Etc.
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1General MumbleCinnamon Beach3:31
2Nitrogen NarcosisGRRR (General Mumble Remix)
Remix – General Mumble
3General MumbleA House On Mars1:15
4General Mumble(67_548_EEC)4:48
5General Mumble & MDFunkFudgeFuck1:23
6General MumbleSketch1MIDIDI31:13
7General MumbleVinyl Vs. A Select Bunch Of Stuff That Sounded Good Together3:35
8General MumbleLocomotive Rush1:39
9General MumbleThe Last Pessimist4:43
10General MumbleAfraid To Get Your Wings Filthy?3:00
11General Mumble & MDPaul Is A Person's Name4:07
12General MumbleWyrm3:13
13General MumbleAbbottabad3:14
14General MumbleThe Art Of Being Off-Key1:12
15General MumbleTub Of Lard1:48
16General MumbleThe Early Pony1:32
17General MumblePonystomp (An Undiscernable Amount Uncooler (Than The Remix))3:31
18Daft PunkTechnologic (General Mumble Remix)
Remix – General Mumble
19General MumbleV͓̦̘͈͂͂̓̓ͩï̩͚̜͖͍̰͕̓̈́ͮ̅ͮ̉n̯͉̙͆̐̉y̬͙͈̜̽͒͗͋l̬͚ͥ̈ͥ̾̋̌̏͆ͣ ̦̲͎̭͕ͨ͆ͤ͑̃̒v̞̳̟̮̟̣̦̎ͦͫͨͦ̒̽ͪs̫̠̗̱̤̖ͫ̇̅͋̾ͫ͂̃.͍̼͎͔̩̏ͬͫͤͪ̏́͗ ̫͔̙ͦ̈́ͪ́̓L̩̻͉̥̙̣ͪ̈́̔̈́̓͂S͇̰͗ͦͤͦ̍̔̔̀D͇̩͇̰̙̞̝͊ͥ3:39
20General Mumble & MDPoetic And Beautiful4:50
21General Mumble4 Ri2:31
22General MumbleVociferation (Drum 'n' Ass)3:07
23General MumbleTonight In Ponyville, It's Impossible To Get Any Music Done1:02
24General MumbleDreaming, Waiting (Demo)1:11
25General Mumble & MDWe've Forgotten The Crackers!3:30
26General MumbleSly'd Pipes1:05
27General Mumble & MDI Don't Have A Spade With My Homies0:32
28General MumbleMinus 12 Cake Choir0:37
29General MumbleSubyay~3:13
30General MumbleAppleoosa Desert WIP Thing0:54
31General MumblePerfectly Spaced1:28
32General MumbleArpeg81:53
33General Mumble & MDHorse Jumping1:12
34Robbie WilliamsFeel (General Mumble & MD Remix)
Remix – General Mumble, MD
35General MumbleEpilogue5:44


A compilation of work from the early days of the General Mumble project, including many tracks from when General Mumble was a duo (now labelled as "General Mumble & MD" to give due credit). A lot of these tracks are not well mixed - volume differences might be quite noticeable between certain tracks. A lot of these tracks are unfinished, and will likely never be finished (due to technical restraints), unless restarted from scratch. A lot of these tracks are kinda stupid and/or kinda bad. That said, a few of them are cool!

Almost everything here was made in 2010 or 2011, and is not aimed at those who are new to my music. That said, if you ARE new to my music, by all means take this huge collection of free music, just don't let it be your first impression ;^]

Fun fact: for all those out there that enjoy the quality of a good FLAC file, almost all of these have been converted into WAV from sub-320 MP3 files (bandcamp only accepts WAV files).


Old: A Collection of Things That Are Old by General Mumble, released 10 July 2014 1. Locomotive Rush 2. The Early Pony 3. A House on Mars 4. Dreaming, Waiting demo 5. Appleoosa Desert WIP Thing 6. General Mumble & MD - Horse Jumping 7. General Mumble & MD - I Don't Have A Spade With My Homies 8. p e r f e c t l y s p a c ed 9. Tub of Lard 10. A lot of these tracks are not well mixed - volume differences might be quite noticeable between certain tracks. General Mumble is the sophomore, 6-track album by General Mumble , back when the alias represented the joint project of now Mumble and MD. Although completed sometime in Autumn 2010, it wasn't officially released by itself until November 2015 on the Mumble's Very Old Things Bandcamp page. The album consists of a handful of tracks that were made while learning the basics of FL Studio. Feel Wrecking Bros. The tracks also feature on Old: A Collection of Things That Are Old , a collection of old, unreleased tracks, released in 2014. tracks are not assigned an order and are listed here in alphabetical order by file name. Give Your Opinion on Old: A Collection of Things That Are Old. FAQ Staff & Contributors Site Forum Contact us. Bands: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. BELOW A collection of works from early 2011 through to late 2011. I was going to make this album my summer project to get done, but things started results from the Name Every Album In Mumble Etc. Discography Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet. 2014 and General Mumble. Crowd In A Can: Live at the SCC: Manchester Central. Old: A Collection of Things That Are Old. 2014 and 77p Egg. That old, forgotten typewriter in your garage might be worthless to you, but for those who like the soothing clickety-clack of the keys, it could hold real value. Some of the older antique models can go even higher, with current bids coming in at anywhere from 475 to 560. The world of typewriters is complex, with so many different manufacturers and models hitting the market in the 20th century. You might want to double-check your old toy collection for that one-a few misplaced parts could be another collector's treasure. 8,940 listeners. General Mumble. 3,370 listeners. Mumble Etc. is a multi-alias power-couple record label spearheaded by General Mumble and Koa. 3 Koa appears on this album like five times featured alongside other artists, one of those artists being me : - Mumble 74 track album. General Mumble - Ponyville Murder Party. Better very-late than never for a Halloween track from us, eh We still have more Halloween-y tracks brewing, but they'll be coming out over the next little. Check out these surprising things that are older than the USA. It may be well over 200 years old, but in the grand scheme of things, America's still just a baby Check out these surprising things that are older than the USA. Even cave people had some version of tennis, anyone There's evidence that games similar to modern tennis were played on courts dating back to ancient civilizations, including a version played by 11th century monks. The modern form dates back to France in the 1500s. Например, первый альбом Unrealectric не похож на все последующее, а последний на момент написания сего текста - Monsters Magic - не похож на все предыдущее. Так что имейте это ввиду