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Underworld - Underworld EPK - August 2002 FLAC

Underworld - Underworld EPK - August 2002 FLAC
Underworld EPK - August 2002
Aug 2002
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1And then, sort of moving on to other tracks the samples on "Two Months Off" and "Little Speaker" is from Juanita, the women immoralised in "Juanita", who is she and how did she go from inspiration to vocalist?0:41
2What did you really, what did you want to achieve musically when you set out with it?0:36
3I mean you've just come back from a Japanese tour, what was kind of, what was that like, what kind reception did you get?0:41
4What was, what was kind of your best moment on that tour?0:55
5Kind of appreciate that your lyrics aren't necessarily about things in the same way that something like "Radiohead" lyrics are about things, erm, but what kind of, what kinf of y'know themes or kind feelings would you particularly want to get across with these lyrics?0:50
6Funnily, you know, because your careers spanned sort of three different kind of well, spanned a long period of time, you know you could almost say that dance music's been a phase in Underworld's career rather than the other way around.0:27
7So if, er, "Dubnobass" was a four o'clock in the morning record and "Beaucoup Fish" and "Second Thoughest" were kind of like early evening night time records, is this kind of like, is this like a mid-day record, is this a morning record?0:13
8Underworld EPK - August 2002
9And how would you best sum up Underworld at the moment?0:16
10What kind of things were you going out and buying? What where you doing?0:44
11Are you still kind of playing everything live on, live on stage?0:25
12Do you keep in touch with Darren?0:18
13The album's still quite having it, are you surprised that people are surprised about that? And did you mean for it to still make sense in a kind of sexy sweaty nightclub?0:50
14What's happening next? What are your, what's coming up in Underworld?0:39
16How's the dynamic different as a two piece rather than a trio?0:41
17I mean that, those kind of influences come across really strongly on "Dinosaur Adventure", which I believe is the next single, erm, you know tell me about that track.0:35
18And so how, how have you found the kind of erm process of emerging from your sort of studio cocoon into the sort of bright lights of being in stage in front of thousands of people?0:21
19The cover image is almost like the scream made from a kid's party ballon, would you agree?0:34
20OK, there's kinda a really child like feel to the album title "A Hundred Days Off" sounds like the kinda thing a six year old might say.0:16
21Has Underworld got a fixation with extreme youth because your last studio album was called "Second Toughest In The Infants" after all?0:34
22What, what can we expect from your UK shows?0:28
23Do you still feel connected with that world?0:17
24Kinda moving onto the music there, you know there's all kinds of sounds on the album, the sorts of beats and harmonics you'd expect, but it also sounds like you're drawing from a kind of, a wider musical palate than you have in the past. Is that the case?0:51
25The album sounds incredibly positive, does that accurately reflect where you two are coming from at the moment?0:22


Interview with Karl Hyde to promote the Two Months Off album.



1992-2002 is a double disc compilation album by Underworld, released 3 November 2003 on JBO. The album was released in conjunction with the single, Born 2003. This compilation marked the first album appearances of Big Mouth listed here as Bigmouth, Dirty, Rez and Spikee all of which had previously only been available as singles. Furthermore, it contained some of their more popular soundtrack pieces, including Dark & Long Dark Train and Born , both used in. Профиль: UK electronic music act formed by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde in 1987 after their former band Freur disbanded. Their 80s album, pure quality dance popfunk,group takes a wrong turn in the 90s and became another annoying trancerave boy band as popdance was being toned albums are nothing more than pure drug inducted noise,90s material best left for lining your birdcage. Ответить Показать 5 ответов Уведомлять о новых ответах 1 Helpful. Underworld is the fourth studio album by Japanese rock band Vamps, released on April 26, 2017 in Japan and April 28 internationally. The production took place in Henderson, Nevada by producer Kane Churko. Designed to appeal to American audiences, Underworld marks the first time Vamps brought in a producer and co-writers on songs. The concept bringing the album to life was the 'Underworld' is not a place that we can see with our eyes, 'the physical world,' but the dark side that's hidden beneath the. Robert Fox - Underworld 2002. To favorites 0 Download album. Listen album. Electronic Ambient. Robert Fox. Songs in album Robert Fox - Underworld 2002. Robert Fox - Portent. DRIFT Episode 5 GAME. 2019 сингл. DRIFT Episode 4 SPACE. 2019 сингл Aditya Game Version. DRIFT Episode 3 HEART. DRIFT Episode 2 ATOM. DRIFT Episode 1 DUST. 2018 сингл. Another Silent Way. White Dance Album, Vol. The Underworld hits compilation 1992-2002 is a release worthy of their legacy, a collection that refuses to give short shrift to one of the decade's most important acts. Underworld - Barbara Barbara We Face An Uncertain Future lame title - not my usual brew, very technohouseelectronica but it is so well done with so many layers. Pretty good at. Do you like the album cover Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future - Underworld Underworlds first new album in 6 years, Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future, now available to pre-order ahead of release on March The band will also take to the road again in March 2016 for limited number of shows in Europe. A Hundred Days Off 2002 All work belongs to Underworld. Underworld Live album Barbara Barbara Bristol UK 2016 - Продолжительность: 1:31:59 Денис Д. Язык: Русский. Страна: США. Listen free to Underworld Underworld 1992-2002. Underworld Albums by year: 2002